Address: Jagadhari Road, Ambala Cantt. - 133006 Haryana, (INDIA)
Phone No.: 01712699335
FAX: 01712699367

Contact Person: Mahamandleshwar Swami Naisargika Giri
Phone No.: NA
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Prabhu Prem Ashram is situated in Ambala cantt, Haryana, India at the bank of  Tangri River. It was established in 1992 by His Holiness Swami Avdheshanand Giri  for  the seekers and to spread the values of Hindu Dharma.


The Ashram has a beautiful temple for Lord Krishna. In which 24 hours ‘Akand Sankeertan’ is going on for the past several years. Devotees can enjoy the divine melody day and night and taste the nectar of devotion here.

Discourse Hall

The Ashram has a big discourse hall. Devotees gather every evening to listen to the inspiring discourses of His Holiness. When His Holiness is on tour, discourses are given  by  the Acharyas of the Ashram.

Yagya  Sala

In yagya sala, every day "havan and poojas" are offered in the early morning  to the Lord by the Pundits of the Ashram and devotees.
Gow Sala

A Gow Sala is run by the Ashram to serve  cattle. Devotees offer food to the cows with love and worship them as Goddess Lakshmi.

Address: Kankhal, Haridwar - 249408 (Uttarakhand) INDIA
Phone No.: 911334246974
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Contact Person: Shri Vishnu Ji & Shri Devi Prasad Ji
Phone No.: NA
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Harihar Ashram is situated at the bank of the holy river Ganges. Harihar Ashram  is the “Acharya Gaddhi” of Shri Panchdasnam Juna Akhara, the biggest spiritual organisation of saints.  His Holiness is the present Acharya of Shri Panchdasnam Juna Akhara. It is one of the oldest Ashrams of Haridwar.

Mrityunjay Mahadev Temple

Mrityunjay Mahadev temple is a very old temple in Haridwar for Lord Shiva.  It is a very old temple constructed 350 years ago. Mritu means death. Jay means victory. Mrityunjay means victory over death. The Lord Mrityunjay helps devotees to eradicate evils of life and have victory over death.

Paradeshwar Temple

This is the temple of attraction for the pilgrims. The main deity is Lord Shiva. The statue is made up of 60 kg mercury compressed in high temperature. The temple was inaugurated more than two decades back by   the former President of India during the period of the former Acharya of Shri Panchdasnam Juna Akhara.

Rudraksh Tree

A very big and old Rudraksh tree is the major attraction  of Harihar Ashram. This holy tree is worshiped by large number of devotees every day. One can fulfill all his needs by circumferencing this holy tree.

Address: Janakpuri
Phone No.: 919810650437
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Contact Person: Shri Vinod Buttan
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Address: Varanasi
Phone No.: 915422397209
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Contact Person: Shri Anup Joshi
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On Astha Channel : 12:00 am to 12:20 am
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