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PRABHU PREMI SANGH is the emanation of the divine dream of HIS HOLINESS SWAMl AVDHESHANAND GIRI. It has been founded and is being directed by Him. Guided by the six underlying principles of Seva (Selfless service), Satsang (Companionship of the holy), Svadhyay (Study of scriptures), Saiyyam (Self-discipline), Sadhana (Spiritual practice), and Svatma-Utthaan (Self-evolvement), Prabhu Premi Sangh is a social and spiritual organization dedicated towards the spiritual evelation of mankind and selfless service to the global community.

The major objectives of Prabhu Premi Sangh are to spread the message of tolerance towards all religions, to instill a sense of service to mankind, to endorse the rich knowledge embedded in the ancient Indian scriptures and replenish peace and bliss through regular spiritual discourses. Prabhu Premi Sangh has grown into a huge banyan tree and disseminated its branches all over the country and abroad. 

PRABHU PREMI SANGH has been divided into five major zones; East, West, South, North and Central India for administrative convenience. Several branches of Prabhu Premi Sangh proliferated throughout the country are focused at achieving the objectives as laid down and guided by HIS HOLINESS SWAMl AVDHESHANAND GIRI.

TV Discourses
On Sanskar Channel : 06:35 am to 06:55 am
On Astha Channel : 12:00 am to 12:20 am
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Call Us for more info : +91- 99915 37200
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Divine Power is filled with kindness and compassion. Be grateful and appreciate the abundant blessings of the Lord. Seek to recognise your divine Self. The root cause of sorrow is forgetfulness of the true Self.